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Kathy Petrino says the Amalfi Coast is the place to be

December 20, 2018
Picturesque and boasting approximately five million visitors per year, the Amalfi Coast on the southern shores of Italy is a worthwhile destination sought by many. Writer and travel blogger Kathy Petrino suggests it highly, noting its prime location on the Mediterranean Sea in addition to exquisite views and a stunning climate. As Petrino mentions, this Campania, Italy locale is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site that is both rich in Italian culture and scenic terrain for vacationers from around the globe.

Thirteen cities comprise the vast Amalfi Coast, stretching more than 35 miles in whole with towering waterside cliffs and vibrant, multicolored towns. Kathy Petrino says this makes the lengthy coastline one of the most photographed regions, including the pastel-colored Positano that serves as Italy’s oldest maritime republic. The breathtaking views, it is said by Petrino and others, often leave tourists “dead in their tracks,” plus with dozens of photographs showcasing the mesmerizing natural beauty coupled with historic homes trickling along the coastline. With tourism as an Amalfi Coast focus, the region has become strong in portraying its pristine beauty of ancient villas and ocean views alongside showcasing regional fare. Municipalities such as Minori have become known for their Italian eats, including serving as home to one of the oldest pastas in the world. Foodies are flooding this seaside spot for vacations that stretch beyond their destination dreams.